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Are you looking around for a massage chair? Then you will want to see the 5 most important features in the massage chairs of today. There is a tremendous variety of features, options and choices with these massage recliners. You want to investigate what will benefit you the most. Your choice of chairs and features is a long term investment. Check out these 5 features.
Shiatsu Massage Therapy: Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage which uses pressure points, tapping and kneading to provide a very invigorating massage. The premier massage chair brands integrate a body scan to detect your pressure points. The massage is then tailored to each individual. The shiatsu uses a combination of massage techniques, so the programming by the manufacturer is very important.
MP3 Music Player: Music therapy is part of the massage therapy environment. If you go to the spa, you are not there to listen to CNN. The spas know to play soft, rhythmic music to help induce relaxation. Music helps to take the mind off the day to day worries and to relax. MP3 music players usually run off a usb stick which is inserted into the chair. The massage chair comes with headphones which help to remove all ambient noise.
Massage Courses: Massage courses are different areas that can be covered for your back. The massage rollers in the back of the chair can be moved to one spot, an area or the whole back. Massage courses enable the user to choose which area to cover with a manual massage. Basic massage chairs have 3 massage courses (upper, lower and whole back). In top level massage chairs, 4 or 5 manual courses are typical. If you have lower back pain, then select the lower back massage course and the chair focuses on that region.
Seat Vibration: This seems like a basic feature, but if you sit a lot, then seat vibration is a very effective technique. The seat has a vibration unit installed under the seat. The vibration can be set to 3 to 5 levels of intensity. Many of the automatic programs use vibration at certain points in the massages. Vibration helps to stimulate the capillary vessels to enhance blood flow in the buttocks area.
Music – Massage Synchronization: The top massage chair manufacturers have incorporated a music and massage synchronization function. This is a fascinating technology. With the touch of a button, the massage will synchronize its movements to the rhythm of the music. The intensity of the massage also varies with the tempo. Rock music will produce a more invigorating massage then say classical music. It is an interesting technology and when coupled with the right music can be very effective in reducing stress.
We are presenting the five key features that are available from the best massage chairs on the market today. These features represent some interesting innovation on the part of the massage chair manufacturers. These chairs continue to advance rapidly and the choices are getting wider and the features more effective. Make sure you determine the important results you want for your longer term massage therapy needs. Find the right chair just for your needs.

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