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We present the 5 top features you should consider when buying a massage chair. These features help you really tailor the massage chairs to your needs. There are so many choices when it comes to massage chairs. You want to sort the wheat from the chaff. If you are seriously considering a massage chair, then think about these most important features and how they might help you.
Finger Press Massage: The pressing massage is usually available in most massage chairs. The finger press is a straight up and down rolling massage on your back. This is great to adjust your cervical discs. The rollers press up and down your spine for great relief. Make sure that you can adjust the width of the rollers. Most have 3 width adjustments and some as many as 5. Varying the width enables you to hit a wider area more accurately.
Heat Therapy: Heat has great healing abilities when applied in the right situations. Many of the top robotic recliners have integrated heating elements into their chairs. Some chairs have the capability to heat only one area while others can heat multiple areas. If you can get the heating with individual area controls, this way you can apply heat to just the area(s) you really want. Heat is very relaxing and helps reduce swelling and increase blood flow.
Manual Massage Programs: Manual massage technique programs are the individual motions that the back rollers can perform. Massage chairs have between 3 and 5 manual programs. You can specify the massage technique and the chair performs just that massage technique. The most important manual programs are kneading, tapping and rolling. Shiatsu is usually a combination of kneading and tapping and may be labeled as its own manual technique. A nice manual technique is Sway or Hawaiian massage. This is a gentle side to side motion which is great for loosening tight back muscles.
Hip Air Bags: Many of the best massage chairs have integrated hip air bags into the recliner. The hip air bags inflate to provide an air compression massage to the hips. These air bags wrap around the sides providing soothing relief. The hip air bags are built into the seat unit and are sequenced in the software program of the automatic massages. Usually, the user can select the air bags individually, allowing one to just focus on the hips.
Wireless Sub Remote: It is amazing how many massage chairs are coming out with 2 remote controls. However, most 2nd remotes or sub remotes are tethered by a wire to the chair. The idea of a remote control is well to use it remotely–not tied to the chair. There is finally a wireless sub remote available. You can sit all the way back in the chair and operate most every function. This is important, because you do not want to have to get up to make adjustments to the massage. Sit back, relax and just click on the wireless sub remote.

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