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Amateur and professional athletes alike both know that injury comes hand in hand with sports. Sports by its very nature are geared to push the limits of individuals to remain competitive. As boundaries are pushed, limits will be crossed. This is when injuries happen. However, the body is very resilient and with the help of the physical therapy programs recovery times are minimal. These advanced therapy programs build a regimen of activities to restore health and vitality to the affected areas. Many programs require the use of exercise equipment, massage chairs and stretching elements.
You may have just undergone surgery or are able to recover with surgery. The physical therapist must be able to handle a wide variety of situations for their patients. They are going to design a specific regimen for you to follow. Their goals are to restore flexibility and also to help strengthen the injured or stressed areas. Your therapist is an expert in the make up of the muscle and skeletal systems. They also must know about typical surgery procedures. This helps them understand how scar tissue may form deeper within the body. You will use exercise equipment and perhaps a massage chair to help you heal the injury.
One of the first things you will do in physical therapy is to sit down with your therapist. You will go over in detail your physique and injury areas. The therapist understands surgeries and there affect on your muscle and skeletal systems. They will design a specific program with you. You will be put through a regimen of stretching. They will want you to gain more strength. You may need to do exercises or use specialized exercise equipment. They may rub down or massage certain areas of your injuries. They may have you receive massage therapy in a massage chair recliner. All these therapies are designed to help your recover fully.
One of the key areas when you start is to make your muscles more pliable. When an injury occurs, the body immobilizes the affected area. Your body has redundant systems for most everything. If your leg is injured, it will want the other leg to take over. The body does not want the injured leg used and tries to shut it down to heal again. This is good, but your muscles become stiff and tight. They actually hurt to start to bend them. Stretching is an important part of the physical therapy routine to build back flexibility.
Your body will adapt after an injury or other trauma. The affected areas will be minimized from activity. As a result, those muscles not being used start to lose strength. It is important to start to regain strength in the affected areas as soon as is reasonable in your situation. Stretching builds initial flexibility and exercise builds back the strength. The exercises may focus on particular individual muscles in the beginning or certain groups. You may need to use a bicycle motion or a treadmill as part of your recovery routine.
When you are recovering from surgery most likely you will have new scar tissue. Scar tissue needs to be made more pliable through time. This will enhance the flexibility of the affected area. The mobility of the muscle and also the skin is at stake here. Massage therapy has been shown to increase the flexibility of muscles. Your muscles when injured may also have the muscle fibers break into short units. This reduces their flexibility. The muscles need to be more pliable by elongating the muscle fibers. Massage chairs use kneading and pressing massage techniques to relieve tight muscles and elongate the muscle fibers to restore their flexibility.
Playing sports is a competitive venture. We all up our game when we need to do so. Sometimes we get too competitive and the intensity gets beyond what our body can handle. Sometimes things just happen. If you are injured, then find the right physical therapist for your needs. You want to make sure you have access to excellent equipment like life cycles, treadmills and massage chairs to speed your recovery. Just stick with the program and your physical therapist will get you the results you need.

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