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Most people, when they think of massage. Think about an afternoon at the spa, being pampered with a mud bath and taking in the heat in a sauna. Perhaps refreshing and rejuvenating your skin with fresh peels and wraps. This is great if your going to be lounging about. However, is there a massage geared toward sports enthusiasts? For athletes there is a sports therapy massage. Sports massages are used to warming up and stretch muscles prior to sports activity. Don’t happen to have a masseuse, no problem massage chairs are can perform many sports related massages. Amazingly shiatsu massage chairs are have a vast array of massage therapies built into their chairs.
Athletes know the benefits of massage. Many athletes obtain sports massages to prepare their bodies for more strenuous exertion. These massages are more than just feeling good after the match. Today’s massage chair manufacturers are have many massage features specifically for both amateur and professional athletes.
Athletes are always looking for ways to minimize injury and enhance faster recover from injuries. Many athletic trainers utilize sports therapy massage for their athletes before, during and after a game. They have found that sports therapy massages loosen muscles increasing their flexibility. Also, massage increases circulation enabling athletes to metabolize fuel faster leading to enhanced performance. Further benefits is increased range of motion, enhanced circulation and releases of endorphin. Sports massages can help reduce sports-related injuries such as sprains, fractures and pulled muscles.
Many of the high end massage chairs from Sanyo, Panasonic, and Omega have built in features specifically for athletes. These shiatsu massage chairs come with a variety of massage therapies including Reflexology, Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Deep Tissue massage. Sports therapy massage for athletes is as integral to a serious sport regimen as lifting weights. Massage increases fluid circulation, reduces pain, and speeds recovery after an injury.
Are you a Weekend Warrior or a Professional Athlete? Professional athletes have a daily regimen to keep them in top physical shape. Weekend Warriors by definition play intermittently and therefore, are more at risk to injury. Everyone loves an active sport such as as tennis, golf, basketball, or perhaps softball. Whatever your sport, proper warm up is important. Muscles need to be stretched and warmed up prior to vigorous activity. The Omega Montage Premier massage chair come equiped with a lower body stretch function. This lower body traction functions utilizes air pressure to hold your feet in the footrest. The footrest is first raised. The footrest then goes down to each of 3 lower positions. As it lowers, it stretches and elongates the muscles from the hips down. Proper stretching increases athletic performance and minimizes the chance of injury.
Sport Massage Therapy combines both the Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. Swedish techniques use long, flowing strokes which enhances circulation and the flow of blood. Shiatsu stimulates the acupressure points while applying a gentle squeezing action to particular areas of the body. Shiatsu relaxes the muscles and relieves tension. Massage chair recliners use these techniques for the upper body and use an air compression system for the lower body. The air compression system gently squeezes, holds and releases the muscles of the lower body. These shiatsu chairs contain many strategically placed airbags. The Panasonic EP-3222 massage recliner uses an incredible 33 airbags built into both the seat and footrest to perform lower body massages.
Many people view sports like golf as not very stressful on the body. Although golf does not seem too strenuous, golf puts significant stress on the body. When one swings the club, the muscles on one side of the body are utilized in a one direction. This repetitive one-sided activity causes some muscle groups to be over-utilized while others are under-utilized. Any golfers you know complain about bad backs? I cannot count that high! A simple swinging motion done repetitively can cause tendon and muscle and tendon damage. This is especially true if you do not warm up and warm down properly. Are you looking for a great way to get ready before your strenuous activity? A massage chairs is a very practical option to getting a professional massage. Getting an invigorating shiatsu massage before your golf game may just take a few strokes off your game.

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