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When you think of massage chairs, you think of luxury, comfort and relaxation. People do not normally think of saving money when buying a massage chair. However, certain conditions may be effectively relieved with massage chairs. The cost of treatments or spa services are on the rise, as is health care in general. Ultimately, massage therapy is a result. You are seeking relaxation, pain relief, or perhaps feeling good. Obtaining this result is actually more cost effective with a massage chair.
Have you ever gotten a massage at a day spa? If so, then you know that a time needs to be set with the massage therapist. We also need to go to and come back from the day spa. The massage therapist works for a fee. We need to pay the masseuse by the hour and also give a tip. Let us assume we go to the spa once a week for a year, then the massage therapy bill will be thousands of dollars.
Maybe you see a chiropractor. A chiropractor may adjust you and then put you through various therapies to stimulate and relax your muscles. You may need to do stretching and other activities to help you heal. Health insurance may cover some of these costs or if you are lucky all of these costs. The effectiveness of chiropractor visits is in the beginning. The chiropractor sets you on a course to recovery. In time, the effectiveness of the visits will start to diminish, but the cost is still the same or rising. Again, these bills can run you hundreds of dollars per month which turns into thousands of dollars per year.
Traditional massage therapy has been delivered by humans for centuries. Certainly this is a fantastic method to receive massage therapy. However, with massage chairs, their is now an alternative that delivers effective massage therapy. These therapeutic recliners range in price from $1,000 to $7,000.
We do interesting things when we compare. We look at things in the short term. I see the price of getting a massage as $75/hour and think that is cheap compared to a $3,000 massage chair. Is it really cheaper? Let us find out. My massage costs $75/hour plus gratuity which at 15% is $10.00 for a total of eighty-five dollars. How many hours of massage therapy do I get for the cost of a massage chair? Let us divide the $3,000 by the $85/hour. We get 35 massage therapy hours.
If we look over the longer run, we find that paying for the massage by the hour will buy the massage chair after 48 sessions. OK, now let us look at this from the massage chair perspective. A $3,000 massage chair is designed to last 1,000 hours. How much do we need to pay per hour of massage therapy. Let us divide $3,000 by the 1,000 machine hours and we get $3.00. That is right, with a massage chair we are paying $3.00 for an hour of massage therapy. Compare that to the $85.00 we are paying our massage therapist!
Obviously the economic advantage of the massage chair is almost 30 times greater than the massage therapist. Add to this economic advantage, availability. A massage recliner is at your disposal 24/7. You can also add accessibility by having it in your home. Obtaining a massage is as easy as being at home. When you start to put the massage chair into the total perspective, it comes out with some strong advantages.

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