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This product review is going to provide an evaluation of the Sanyo model SR-1000 K massage chair. This is the lowest priced Sanyo model in their product range. We will put this massage recliner through the test of five different categories and rigorously evaluate it. See how the SR-1000 from Sanyo rates.
Warranty Coverage & Customer Service: We know you want to jump right into the features and functions, so we will put this first. The warranty coverage for the SR 1000 is very good for an entry level chair. The reason is Sanyo gives the same warranty for all their chairs. That is positively great for the SR1000. You get the following warranty: 3 years on the roller mechanism, 1 year parts and labor and 1 year of in the field technician service. Customer service is improved with a national call center. We rate this chair a 19 in this category.
Comfort & Ergonomics: The science of ergonomics is the study of things can be designed to fit the human body. In other words, we have natural ranges of motion and buttons, controls, etc. need to be within those ranges. The buttons on the remote are a decent size for most fingers. The main power is located on the side of the chair which is ergonomic but you still have to remember. The leg rest has a foot extension that needs to be flipped by your feet. Sanyo could work these things out a little better in our opinion. We give it a 17 overall.
Ease of Use: The advance of electronics is just simply amazing. However with this amazing advance come other challenges. All the new features that are in massage chairs must be learned and the user must figure out how to use them all. This is where the design becomes of paramount importance. The remote for the SR1000 seems to have more steps than needed to obtain the massage you want. We give this massage chair a 16 for this category.
Key Features: There are 2 electronic features integrated into the SR-1000 that just stand out in this chair. There is a physical shape sensor and a stiffness detector. The physical shape sensor detects how your body is positioned in the chair. If you move, then it changes the massage to better target your new position. The stiffness detector is actually based on lie detector technology. It monitors your pulse and sweatiness. We don’t know if it knows you are lying! Anyway, somehow it knows where this nervousness originates from and it goes after those areas. The SR1000 earns an 18 for these electronic device features.
Massage Therapy: The Sanyo SR 1000 massage chair has the capability to massage your back, neck, shoulders, calves and feet. We consider a full body massage chair one that also has a seat massage which the SR1000 lacks. The SR 1000 comes with 2 automatic programs. One is for a more soothing massage and the other targets you after more vigorous activity. There are 3 manual massage techniques and there are 3 manual courses. The manual courses enable you to target a particular area with a massage treatment. You also get your calves and feet via the leg rest. The SR 1000 rates a 17 for massage therapy.
So how does the Sanyo SR1000K rate overall? In our review it gets an 87/100 points. We like the warranty and that gives you confidence that it will last. The electronic features are interesting, but they seem to be at the expense of more massage treatments. There are only 2 automatic programs, which seem a bit light compared to other massage chairs. The look of the chair is a little different, because the main power is located on the side. The aesthetics are nice otherwise. This is an interesting massage chair and is worth checking out.

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