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It seems that in these modern times that stress is just part of the landscape. We seem to be under more pressure whether at home or a work. The major shift of stress seems to be from physical stress to mental stress. Our fore fathers were in much more under stress from physical dangers. We on the other hand, seem to be under much more mental stress. We react to both mental or physical stress in much the same way: the fight or flight reaction. Our source of stress has certainly changed, but not our reaction to it.
What happens when we come under stress? Our body’s natural reactions take over. Our breathing is increased as well as our heart rate. The major organs shut down all but the most vital functions to support hands and feet. Adrenaline is released to get the body primed for taking action. We feel a nervousness and tension as we are facing the unknown. All this chemical reaction is occurring with the build up of a physical action about to take place. However, when the stress is mental there is no physical release.
Stress management is learning how to cope with stress, redirect its energy and release it from the body. We may not be able to eliminate stress from our lives, but we can have strategies to deal with it positively. If you could take the heightened affects of being under stress and put it to positive pursuits, then we are working stress management. The toughest element of stress management is to release it physically.
When we are under stress, our bodies are primed for taking physical action. When we take physical action, then we are releasing out the increased energy out our bodies physically. If we do not have a physical outlet, one excellent method is massage therapy. Massage therapy helps loosen up muscle tension, it releases toxins trapped in our muscle tissue and it helps us to mentally relax. Some massage treatments also can reverse the tension in the major organs via the trigger points in our hands and feet.
A very convenient alternative to going to a massage therapist is a massage chair recliner. These advanced massage recliners have massage therapies ranging from deep tissue, Shiatsu, sports massage, Swedish and many others. There are various benefits to each massage type and each may focus on particular benefits. They will all help relieve discomfort and tension. They all help your mind to relax. These treatments enhance the flow of the lymph system and the blood. Both of these systems filter out chemicals that build up in the body.
Stress comes from our environment and is subject to our interpretation and built up set of reactions. These cannot be eliminated entirely. Massage therapy is an essential tool in our stress management toolbox. Massage chairs are one of the most convenient and effective ways to receive massage therapy. These recliners have full body capabilities and have many additional features beyond massage. Many have stretching, music therapy and heat. These additional features compliment the massage and help to induce total body relaxation.
Imagine the convenience of having your own massage chair recliner at home. You start to come under stress situations. You can just sit down and let the massage chair work you over. Your body starts to feel better and your mind starts to clear. You now are in a better frame of mind to come up with better ways to overcome the problems at hand. You now have a powerful stress management tool, your massage chair recliner at your disposal.

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