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If you have been looking for a massage chair, then finding good information to make a decision is important. Even better, finding an unbiased review of a given massage chair can be helpful. Here are 5 important categories to evaluate the total massage chair experience. This system gives equal weight to each of the 5 categories with each category having from 0 to 20. A 100 point score means the chair and the company has achieved total excellence. The 5 categories are Warranty & Customer Service, Comfort/Ergonomics, Ease of Use, Features and Massage Therapy. The discipline of a systematic approach provides for balance help those seriously considering a massage chair. The Omega Montage Elite is the subject of this review. This luxury shiatsu massage chair is in the $4,000 to $5,000 range.
Warranty & Customer Service:

First is how the manufacturer rates in both warranty coverage and customer service. The manufacturer needs to stand behind its product. Omega gives a 5 years on the frame, 3 years on parts, 3 years labor and 90 days in-home service. Unlike, the electronics company’s like Panasonic or Sanyo, Omega’s standard warranty is equal to these companies extended warranties which, of course, cost extra. Service and technical competence are high. Overall Rating for the Omega warranty and customer service is 18.

Comfort & Ergonomics:

Massage chair recliners need to be comfortable and fit the body well. The Omega Montage Elite is designed for comfort, luxury and relaxation. The massage recliner is comfortable to sit in. Omega has the first wireless remote to control most massage functions. The foot rest can be extended another 4 inches for taller individuals. In fact, people up to 6′ 6″ can fit in this chair very comfortably, certainly a first for massage chairs. Omega has made some important advances from a comfort and ergonomic standpoint. Overall Rating for Omega Montage Elite comfort and ergonomics and customer service is 19.

Ease of Use:

Ease of use is defined as how intuitive the controls and how simple are they to use before having to read the manual. Omega integrates an advanced LCD graphic and has a wireless sub-remote control. In fact, this is the first wireless remote on a massage chair. The wireless age has arrived! The Omega Montage Elite has an intuitive main remote controller and the graphics on the LCD are descriptive to show what the chair is doing. The music controls for the MP3 Player and the music/massage synchronization button is front and center on the control The Omega Montage Elite Shiatsu massage chair geta and overall rating for ease of use is 19.

Key Features:

The important features of the Montage Elite are the Lower Body Traction, the music-massage sychronization, and the Footflex reflexology foot massage. How about a good stretch? The Montage Elite delivers a lower body stretch from your lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. Load your favorite music onto the USB stick and plug it into the Montage Elite and hit play. Use the music-massage sychronization button to have the massage functions to the tempo of the music. This is the best music synchronization on the market. Skeptics beware! The Footflex reflexology foot massage is a soothing and relieving massage. The Montage Elite does not get tired, put your tired, aching feet in the footwells and find total relief. Overall Rating for the Omega Montage Elite massage chair for features is 19.

Massage Therapy:

The massage functions are included in the Montage Elite includes 5 full body automatic courses, 4 manual massage courses, and 4 massage speed settings for a total combination of 64 manual massage courses. The automatic massage functions include the following: ShiatsuKneading, Tapping, Finger Press, and Kneading & Tapping (Shiatsu). The Montage Elite comes loaded with great massage therapy tools. Choose from the lower body traction, full body heat, lower body compression massage and 64 combinations of back massage. Music is probably the most overlooked feature in most massage chairs. The reality is music takes you away from your environment. The Montage Elite has music-massage synchronization function. Not only do you drift off to your favority music, but the massage will actually be to the tempo of the music. Simply outstanding! Overall Rating for the Omega Montage Elite massage recliner for massage therapy is 20.

How does the Omega Massage Montage Elite stack up? Overall, our rating of the Panasonic is an 95/100. Omega just packs the features, conveniences and the luxuries into this shiatsu massage chair. Omega gives one of the strongest warranties protecting the customer without selling an extended warranty. The Montage Elite has solid technology, a striking design, ergonomic features galore and full massage therapy capabililties. With the extendable footrest, taller people up to 6′ 6″ can finally fit in a massage chair. This is the luxury massage chair to beat!

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