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If you golf, then you know that warming up prior to playing is an important prerequisite. Warm up consists of proper stretching to elongate your muscles and to increase the range of mobility of your joints. It is important to loosen tight muscles and get them prepared for your golf game. This helps to improve your performance and to lessen the chance of injury. Massage chairs have incorporated many important massage therapy functions that can help prepare you for your next golf tournament.
You know how important your golf swing is to being successful on the course. If your swing is not true, then your golf game and score will suffer. Making sure your golf swing follows a perfect arch requires that all your joints, muscles and tendons line up and allow for the range on motion through the swing. One of the biggest problems in having a true swing is having shoulder or back pain. Back and shoulder pain hinder the freedom of movement and could cause your ball to fly of course.
The cause of your back or shoulder pain may be from injury or from improper warm up and warm down prior to strenuous activities. Simple movements done on a repetitive basis can cause a breakdown of the muscle tissue causing it to be less flexible. Warming up and down helps to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles. Using a massage chair recliner helps to loosen your muscles, enhance your blood circulation and increase mental alertness.
Believe it or not, tight shoulder and back muscles are the leading cause of golf related back problems. The twisting motion of a full swing puts stress on your whole body with particular emphasis on your spine. This side to side motion is always done on the same side of the body, since few of us our switch hitters. All the stress is put more on one side of the body over the other. Since this swing motion is repeated throughout the course of the tournament, the back and shoulder tighten up reducing flexibility.
Another important warm up technique is to walk as part of your warm up. You want to get your heart and blood flowing to get nutrients circulating and energy moving in your body. The secondary effect is to warm up your muscles to help prepare them for your golf game later. You want to keep your muscles warm during your play. As easy way to do this is to walk between shots and not just ride your cart. If your muscles cool down, then they become less flexible and your swing will be less true.
Massage chairs from the premier massage chair brands like Panasonic, Sanyo and Omega have many features that can help improve your golf score. Panasonic has a model EP30004 that has a very effective shiatsu massage therapy. This chair helps to effectively warm you up with an invigorating shiatsu or Junetsu massage. Both of these techniques improve blood circulation, warm up muscles and help increase mental awareness.
Sanyo has a model HEC-DR7700 that has a gripping massage which is perfect for warming up or down the shoulders and neck areas. Sanyo uses its unique GK roller system which has the capability to reach out around your shoulders and neck. The increased range of the rollers helps to more thoroughly cover your neck and shoulders. This is effective in loosening up your muscles and getting them ready for action.
Omega has their Montage Premier Massage chair with a lower body traction system and full body heat. The lower body traction system of the Montage Premier will stretch out your lower body. It will hold your feet in the foot rest and it extends out to stretch your lower back, hips, knees and ankles. This improves your range of motion and joint mobility. Use the full body heat to help warm up your muscles or to warm down. Heat helps increase blood flow and helps the healing process.
Reducing your score and the chance of injury are primary concerns of golfers today. Both of these can be reduced with proper warm up and down. If you don?t have back or shoulder problems, then be proactive and try to prevent their occurrence. If you have some level of back and shoulder pain, then healing and preventing further injury is vitally important. Massage chairs offer many potential benefits to golfers. If you golf with regular frequency, then massage chairs are a viable economic alternative to a massage therapist. Don?t let your back pain hinder your golf game.

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