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We know we need to take good care of our bodies. We also know that having good health should be a higher priority. We get so busy, we just do not have time for everything. Out goes the window our long term health. We accumulate stress throughout the day and need a way to release it. Since ancient times, massage therapy was the answer to releasing stress and relaxing. Time at the day spa would be nice, if only I had the time. This is where a massage chair can help.
The premier massage chair brands build in an arsenal of advanced massage therapies. How can a massage chair help me? Massage chairs recliners are capable of performing full body massages. Need attention to your shoulders, push the button. Lower back got you down, push the button. Do your feet ache? push the button. Relief from aches, pains and discomfort are only a push of a button away.
The evidence for massage therapy keeps building. The studies keep showing that massage therapy helps to relax the muscles; reduce the heart rate: increase blood flow and lymph flow; improve range of motion and guess what? Reduce Stress! We all know the massage therapy feels good, but massage therapy is a treatment. The studies also show that like diet and exercise, massage therapy is a process of healing the body. Massage therapy must be performed on a periodic, recurring basis.
One of the great challenges in life is time. This is why massage therapy is not a greater part of our total health routine. A massage chair helps to save time. How does it do it. It is always available 24/7 and in the convenience of my home. I do not have to make an appointment. I do not have to drive to and from the day spa. I just walk a few feet, sit down and let this tireless mechanical masseuse release those built up pressures.
The traditional massage at a day spa for a full body massage starts with a therapist covering one part of your bodywill and then moving on to the next. If there are 5 major areas of coverage, then the massage therapist spends an average of 10 minutes on each area over a 50 minute massage.
Now, a massage chair performs a full body massage as well. The difference is the massage chair works in parallel, so all major areas are receiving massages simultaneously. Since all areas are being massaged, the total massage time is only 10 minutes. The massage therapist by contrast work 5 areas for 10 minutes each for a total of 50 minutes. The massage therapist takes 5 times longer to cover the same area.
A massage chair can help you by always being available when you need it. Imagine having 24/7 access to your own mechanical masseuse. No appointment necessary. Building a routine around massage therapy cannot be too hard. In fact to get the most benefit, the routine has to include periodic, continuous treatment. Sound like more fun that working out! Well, it certainly is a great compliment to soothe those aches, pains and soreness. Get the balance you need, and look at integrating massage therapy into your total health. The ancients would have loved the opportunity to have a massage chair recliner.

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