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With health care costs on the rise, everyone is looking to save money. Health care is looking to automation to help offset expenses. Most industries transition from labor intensive to capital intensive. Now we are seeing the potential of massage therapy transitioning to capital intensive or the use of machines/equipment. With the rise of massage chairs, many massage techniques can be delivered effectively with these chairs. How is money actually saved in this situation?
Let us take an example. We go to get our massage at the day spa. First, we need to call them and schedule a time. We are going to have travel time to go and come back from the massage. There is also the total time involved. Massage time is the bonus time the rest of the time can be considered the cost involved. The massage is not free, so we must pay for the time of the massage and a gratuity. If we go 3 times every month, by the end of the year we are spending thousands.
Some people need to go physical therapy or perhaps a chiropractor. The health care providers help to set you back on the right path of healing your condition. They help you get started with some basic techniques and treatments to help correct the situation. Many of thes providers make use or recommend massage therapy as a compliment to your healing process. If you have started a path to recovery then these visits start to add up until you can take over on your own.
Many people with back pain, chronic pain or fibromyalgia already know that massage therapy may be an indispensible tool. These persistant conditions require substantial and consistent pain relief. Massage therapy can be delivered by a masseuse or by a massage chair. Massage chair recliners are very suitable for many of these conditions. There are many massage chairs that run for a thousand dollars up to five thousand dollars.
People like to look at sticker prices and judge massage chairs as expensive. Of course anything that costs over a thousand dollars is expensive. On the other hand, they see seventy five dollars per hour for a masseuse and think that is cheap. But let us dig into the real economics of a masseuse versus a massage chair. If we pay $75 with a gratuity of ten dollars then each hours runs us $85.00. Now a good midrange massage chair runs $3,000. Let us suppose we get a weekly massage. How many weeks until we pay for the massage chair? It will take 35 weeks. The thirty five weeks means we received 35 hours of massage therapy.
When we look at the cost of the masseuse on an hourly basis we a paying $85 dollars. It would take us 35 hours of masseuse hours to purchase a $3,000 massage chair. If we were to buy a massage chair for this price, how much massage therapy would we get. A massage chair in the midrange level of $3,000 would have a machine life of 1,000 hours. That means the massage chair is rated to last 1,000 hours under the warranty period. How much does it cost for an hour of massage therapy? To calculate this, divide the cost of the chair of $3,000 by the 1,000 hour rating and you are paying $3.00 per hour for massage therapy!
The real economics of the massage recliner is that it is a vastly superior value to traditional massage therapy. Obviously, getting a massage from a masseuse has its advantages beyond just the economics. But massage chairs also have some major advantages of availability and accessiblity. Not to mention the overwhelming economic advantage. There certainly is tremendous value over the long run with a massage chair.

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