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Western science is finally validating what the Chinese medical arts have known for centuries. Acupressure massage provides effective relief. Acupressure is a derivative of acupuncture, but without the needles. Instead, acupressure uses targeted pressure on your trigger points to help increase energy flow and bring about total body relaxation. These techniques have been studied and effectively replicated by technology. A whole suite of acupressure techniques have been incorporated by some of the best massage chairs on the market today.
Did you know that your body has over 300 acupressure points? These trigger points connect to major organs throughout the body. Sometimes these trigger points can become blocked leading to decreases in energy and lower levels of efficiency for your body. The ancient Chinese studied these points thoroughly and correlated the use of pressure to enhancing energy flow in the body. Western medicine is now catching up and has created maps of the body showing these relationships. Acupressure works by applying pressure to targeted points which help to restore energy flow and regain harmony in the body.
To manipulate your trigger points, acupressure massage uses a variety of techniques. Firm pressure is applied to targeted pressure points depending on the areas in need of attention. Additionally, chopping style massage is used to loosen up major muscles to reduce stiffness. Kneading is used to elongate muscles and reduce soreness. Vibration massage is used to stimulate the capillary vessels to enhance blood circulation. As the trigger points are activated, energy begins to flow once again at its normal levels. This brings back greater harmony to the body.
If you are like most people, then you know your body can just get out of balance. We all deal with stress in different ways, but stress seems to be a constant. As it builds up, we need to relieve it. Built up stress causes muscle stiffness and the built up of toxins in the body. Both of these conditions cause the body to be out of balance. Acupressure massage benefits the body by helping to relieve the built up of stress, muscle aches and pain and reduce toxins levels. This helps to get the body back in balance.
The technology that is being incorporated into the best massage chairs is simply amazing. Advanced mechanical systems coupled to sophisticated software has produced wonderfully effective massage therapies. These massage recliners have sensors to scan your back. Their software programs create a digital map of your back and locate your individual trigger points. The software then targets these points and the mechanical systems provide kneading, chopping, vibration and firm pressure. These effective systems provide thorough and invigorating relief for your whole back and body.
Some of the newest technology to be incorporated into massage chairs is air compression massage techniques. The chairs come with a built in air compressor and has air bags strategically located throughout the chair to target the lower body and extremities. The air bags are also equipped with specialized nodes that can provide trigger point or reflexology massages. The air compression massage uses a squeeze, hold and release action. This helps to relieve muscle stiffness, reduce soreness and provide full body tranquility and relief.
The ancient Chinese have understood the great healing powers of the body. They have studied and correlated many therapies to assist and enhance the body’s own natural healing powers. These techniques are systematically being integrated into the best massage chairs. These top brands are finding innovative ways to provide effective relief of many common disorders. Acupressure is known to relieve insomnia, dizziness, headaches and more. We are just beginning to realize the power of these simple but effective techniques. Stress has been around since time began, stress relief is your counter balance. Massage chairs are the most convenient method to receive ongoing stress relief.

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