golf swing makes or breaks your golf game

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Warming up and down is important to any sport. Most golfers just wing it. They twist around with their club at their waist, take a couple of putts and they are ready to go. By the fourth or fifth hole, the back starts to ache from improper warm up. In every sport proper warm up is key to obtain peak performance. Muscles need to be stretched and blood circulation increased before physical exertion. The body then works in greater harmony. Massage chairs now make warming up and down fun and easy before your next round.
Golf is an interesting sport. It is viewed by many a low impact, since golfers ride carts or only walk. As opposed to sports like soccer where you need to run. However, golf requires repetitive motions. The repetitive motion of the golf swing can impact the entire body. The swing requires a large degree of motion to accomplish properly. The repetitive swinging motion can cause back, shoulder and neck pain. This is especially possible with little to no warm up.
The golf swing when done without an adequate warm up can actually cause damage to the muscles and tendons. Warming up helps to increase the elasticity of the muscle tissue. This helps increase your range of motion. The golf swing has a very long range of motion. Loosening up the muscles and tendons with a massage chair can be effective to increase blood flow and get your body started.
Think of everything that has to happen for your golf swing to be true. There are a lot of muscles that have to move and work together. If just a few are off, then your swing will suffer. If you have shoulder pain or discomfort, then this can change the path of your swing. If you have to repetitively swing to win, then those factors impacting it must be minimized.
The goal of warming up prior to your round of golf is to get the heart beating. Increasing your heart rate will circulate more nutrients to the muscles making energy more abundant. Also, getting your muscles loosened up helps to increase their flexibility and elasticity. This helps your swing by having your muscles relaxed and not tense. Try to warm up just before your game. You do not want to cool down too much and have your muscles tighten back up.
Another effective warm up strategy is massage therapy. The best massage chairs from companies like Sanyo, Omega or Panasonic provide very effective massage therapy. Shiatsu massage therapy is an effective warm up massage. The EP30004 massage chair made by Panasonic has both shiatsu and Junetsu massage. These therapies help to warm up your muscles and increase the blood and nutrient flow in the body.
An effective massage chair for your shoulders, back and neck is made by Sanyo. The HEC DR7700 model massage chair has a massage system that can massage the tops of the shoulders and around the neck. This system helps to thoroughly loosen tight muscles preparing you for your round of golf.
Stretching is important to perform before your golf outing. The Montage Premier massage chair by Omega comes with a lower body traction system. This traction system actually stretches out the entire lower body. The Montage Premier will hold onto your feet and then it stretches you out. This helps to elongate the muscles of the lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. Use this in conjunction with the built in heating elements for a great warm up.
Your golf swing makes or breaks your golf game. To make sure your swing is at its peak, warm up your body prior to golfing. Not only does it help your swing, but it also helps to reduce the chance of injury. Back and shoulder pain are so common among golfers. Many of these ailments can be avoided by simply warming up and warming down. Massage chair recliners are a great compliment to your warm up.

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