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Does low back pain interfere in your daily routine? 4 out of 5 people will experience low back pain in our life times. Our back is so important to our mobility that during our lifetimes we experience problems at one point or another. Low back pain can come from disease, injury and even stress.
Even slight discomfort may be signs of needing attention. Healing and rehabilitation are important to restore and maintain the vitality of the spine and its soft tissues. Rehabilitation of the spine may see the need for physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments and massage chair treatments.
What do you think is the leading cause of missed work or job related disability? If you answered, low back pain, then you are correct. The second most common neurological condition in the US is back pain. Back pain is a general category, which can be either acute or chronic. It may last a few days or weeks. Or in chronic conditions, is persists and can also be progressive lasting months.
For the vast majority of low back pain cases, non-invasive procedures are used to treat the spine. Of course, there are cases involving surgery, but most can be treated naturally. Rehabilitation and recovery may require pain medications or possibly analgesics to reduce swelling and build up functionality. Most recoveries involve exercise and possibly a program of physical therapy.
One avenue of recovery involves chiropractic treatments. Chiropractors are trained to restore the health of the spine with natural methods. Some treatments involve spinal adjustments, electrical stimulation and massage treatments. The key is to rebalance the spine allowing the muscles and soft tissues the properly heal and pull their weight again.
Even if you do not have low back pain now, there are many things you can be doing to better care for your back. If you exercise regularly, you can use ice and heat. Interestingly, heat nor ice has not been scientifically proven to resolve low back injuries, it is commonly used to reduce swelling and tightness. You can apply an ice pack after strenuous activity for 20 minutes to reduce swelling.
Try this preventative action to help you relax. Use warm baths and let the warmth penetrate through the muscles. Or apply directly to sore muscles with hot packs or with a heating pad. You can target the heat to penetrate its warmth through the muscle to help with blood circulation. Never apply heat if you are going to sleep as this could burn or damage soft tissues. Only use the heat until it warms up the muscle tissue and provides relief.
Exercise is paramount with the lower back muscles. They need to have a repetitive routine of consistent use. Physical therapy is most often started in the first week after an injury. The muscles need to be used to keep their strength and flexibility. Exercise often and try simple exercises like walking, swimming and stretching.
Many have turned to Yoga as part of the rehabilitation of the lower back muscles. Focus can be given of the regions of muscles in need of a good stretch. Exercises also focus on particular muscle groups. You want to build back flexibility into your low back. Periodic stretching and muscle strengthening helps your back recover and then some. However, work slowly into any new routine. You do not have to win the gold medal the first time out.
An interesting and accessible technology is massage chairs for rehabilitation. In many ways, massage chairs automate certain types of therapies which can be precisely controlled. Massage chairs are used to deliver a variety of massage therapies including Swedish, Shiatsu, and even Reflexology. They can target specific points or regions or provide full body relief. Many have stretching systems for the arms and the lower body to help increase flexibility.
Rehabilitation of the lower back involves restoring the flexibility and strength of the muscles and soft tissues of the spine. To restore the elasticity of the muscles a combination of diet, exercise, massage treatments and stretching play an integral part of your spines health. Continue your treatments in the privacy and convenience of your home with a massage chair.

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