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There is so much stress in our lives in this modern era that we live in. We are hit from all sides whether from home or from work. These pressures seem to be increasing. In previous eras danger from physical harm was the major cause of stress. This acute type of stress caused what is called the fight or flight reaction. We are under less physical danger these days as stress has shifted to more mental stress. The type of stress has changed, but not our reaction to it.
When we come under stress our bodies prepare us for action in the following ways: Adrenaline is released to boost the energy and strength of the body. This increases our heart rate and breathing. Our major organs will direct their efforts to only those that immediately serve supporting physical action. This adrenaline rush causes us to feel tension and perhaps nervous as we anticipate taking some type of action. There is a great release of chemicals and a redirection of bodily activity to support our reaction to stress.
Stress comes from so many different situations, that we are not able to eliminate its causes. Rather we need effective stress management techniques. Professional athletes are able to redirect the build up of stress into ways to enhance their performance. This is a very positive way to deal with the build up of stress. The only downside for most of us, is where professional athletes have a physical release of the stress from their bodies with physical exertion, but we may not.
Effective stress management requires a physical outlet to release the chemicals that the body is releasing when under stress. Physical exertion is one of the best methods, since that is what the body is primed to do. Another excellent method to release stress is massage therapy. There are many benefits with massage therapy. It is great to loosen up tight muscles and relieve tension. It can relax the organs in the body activated by the stress reaction. It will release toxins that are in our muscles and help to flush them out of our system. And best of all it helps us relax our mind and bring harmony back to the body.
Receiving massage therapy from a masseuse is an excellent method to help you relax. It may not always be convenient, so another method is with a massage chair. The massage chair recliners on the market today are very advanced. They offer all the top massage techniques like Shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, reflexology and many others. All of these techniques relieve tired, aching and sore muscles. They can target specific areas like your neck and shoulders where stress seems to build up. They will improve your circulation of the blood and lymph systems. These systems remove the chemicals that build up in our body which are in need of periodic flushing.
Massage therapy is a very effective tool to relieve and release stress in our lives. We may not be able to eliminate the causes of stress, but we can find effective tools to counteract its impact on us. Massage chairs offer tremendous convenience and access to regular massage therapy. They also have supplemental capabilities to enhance the massage experience. Some recliners have stretching capability for the shoulders and lower body. Some have music players to help your relax your mind and body. You can find some with heat that can be applied in specific areas. All of these features are designed to help your body totally relax.
Stress management is about having the right set of tools to effectively redirect, neutralize and release the affects of stress. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit down in a massage recliner. Let it start to ease your aches and pains. Release the build up of tension in the shoulder and neck areas. Take your mind off the stressful situation for 15 or 20 minutes. Give you a chance to regroup, rethink your situation with a fresh mind and body. A massage chair recliner can be a very effective and convenient tool in your stress management tool box.

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