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Do you know that 80% of us will have low back pain during our life times? Our spine is very important to our mobility and getting around. Just everyday activities can put stress and strain on our backs. Improper lifting techniques or even posture can set you up for an injury. Low back pain is a symptom of a condition, disease or injury. Rehabilitation of the spine may include a chiropractor, massage chair therapy and even physical therapy.
Low back pain is a costly condition in the US. It is estimated that over 50 billion dollars per year is spent on health care related to low back pain. It is the most common cause cited for job related disability. In fact, the states and the fed are now including chiropractic care in their insurance programs. Chiropractic care is also been picked up on many HMO and private care plans as well.
The good thing about low back pain, is that most are treated naturally and do not involve surgery or the use of drugs. Exercise, diet and massage are used in conjunction to nourish, strengthen and rebuilt the muscles. In some cases, physical therapy may be need, but the good news is most people recover without any functional loss.
Chiropractors are famous practitioners of spinal health since the ancient Greeks. They use a variety of natural therapies to induce healing and strengthen as well as the loosening of tight muscles. Stiffness may be reduced with massage therapy or even electo-stimulation.
Some preventative measures that you can take to avoid low back pain can range from posture to exercise. If you exercise, then apply ice when there is inflammation. Use an ice pack or fill a plastic bag with ice. Wrap a towel around the ice pack and apply for 20 minutes. Ice helps to reduce swelling that can occur after exercise.
Heat has been applied throughout the ages to relax muscles and improve blood flow. Warm baths were the common approach in Roman times and are quite effective. Using a heating pad or hot packs on particular areas is effective. Try applying heat to warm up the muscle and provide relief. Control the temperature so you do not overheat the muscle and cause burns.
With almost any part of the body, exercise is pivotal. Muscles need to be used. Use it or lose it is very true. Your body needs continuous exercise to maintain its vitality. Many injuries occur because of a non-routine movement or from lack of use. Start by going for walks or swims. Include stretching in the beginning and also at the end.
One popular method for rehabilitation is the incorporation of Yoga. Many of the stretches and exercises can be targeted to the lower back. Stretching helps with flexibility while exercises help to maintain and strengthen the muscles and soft tissue areas. Daily exercises for 15 minutes can make an enormous difference. Just do not over due it.
Massage chair therapy provides many health professionals with a variety of therapies at the touch of a button. They would seat you and recline you back to be comfortable. Next, they target the types of treatments for your needs. They may focus a kneading massage in the lower back while delivering a compression massage to your lower body. They then activate the lower body stretching system which starts to stretch out the lower body.
If you are looking for low back pain prevention or rehabilitation, then you need a good balance. You need a good cycle of diet, exercise, massage and stretching. Warm up and down before exercise with a massage chair. Massage chairs are convenient to get a quick 5 minute warm up. Low back pain can be relieved and restored with the proper healthy balance.

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