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What are the best shiatsu massage chairs available on the planet today? This article will highlight the top three shiatsu massage recliners. Shiatsu evolved through the centuries in Japan as a derivative of acupuncture from ancient China. Massage chairs first started in Japan, but have now been picked up by manufacturers around the world. The technology to replicate the subtle shiatsu techniques is nothing short of extraordinary.
The best shiatsu massage chairs are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. They are a long term investment in your health and stress management. The massage recliners that we will perform the best shiatsu massages will range between $4,000 and $5,000 in price. These provide full body massage capabilities for many years to come.
Shiatsu massage is based on some of the ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques. Shiatsu stimulates what are known as trigger points that help the major organs to relax. There are a variety of subtle hand motions using the palm, hand and thumbs to soothe and relieve muscles. The best shiatsu massage chairs have mechanically replicated these techniques and drive them with sophisticated software programs.
If you are looking for the best of the best, then you should go with a name brand massage chair like Omega, Sanyo or Panasonic. These companies have solidly manufactured massage chairs and reliable warranty coverage. These companies have developed excellent technology and incorported it into their top chairs. Let us take a look at some of the top models offered by these top firms.
Sanyo has rolled out its GK roller mechanism in its high end HEC DR7700 massage chair. This GK roller mechanism performs a unique gripping massage. This is a superior massage for the shoulders and neck areas. These specialized rollers provide relief for tense muscles in the shoulder, neck and upper back areas. This shiatsu massage recliner is also has many other shiatsu features to satisfy the most demanding massage therapy requirements.
Another shiatsu lounger is the Montage Premier by Omega Massage. This high end, luxury recliner is packed full of great massage therapy functions. The Montage Premier comes with a body scan technology that identifies your shiatsu trigger points. The Montage Premier then targets these areas to stimulate to induce full body relaxation. This is a massage chair that comes with other important features such as an MP3 player, full body heat therapy and a lower body traction system.
The Real Pro Ultra series of massage recliners is Panasonic’s newest line. In particular, the EP 30004 model has some wonderfully effective shiatsu massage treatments. They have a new massage style called Junetsu. The Junetsu is an ultra find kneading type massage that provides deep penetration all the way to the bone. It uses thumb-like pressure by making small circles in pressure point areas of the back. This is a very therapeutic and effective massage technique.
Shiatsu massage chairs are evolving at an incredible rate, with these top companies pushing the technological limits. These massage chairs are simply amazing in the range of capabilities and the effectiveness of the massage therapies. They perform full body massages from your head to your toes. They can provide so many different types of massages. There is virtually no muscle that they cannot effectively soothe or relieve. These are not your father’s massage chairs!

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