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Nothing beats getting a full body massage when you are tired and your muscles are aching. The initial tension and muscle stiffness makes you sensitive to the massage therapy. As you relax both your body and mind, the massage starts to relieve those aches, pains and anxieties. The relief from the soreness is very positive. Most people view a massage as a treat and something they have to go to a spa to receive. The advanced massage chair recliners of today are starting to change all that.
There is always an interesting set of perceptions with regard to massage by a therapist or a chair. Certainly, the environments are different. If you see a massage therapist, then they set the mood and ambience. If you have a chair, then it is in a room or office and others may or may be present. However, the massage therapies can be equally effective from therapist or chair. A therapist massages from the top and must use their weight to vary intensity. Whereas the chair, massages from the beneath by using your weight to vary intensity. Most people are surprised at how effective a recliner can massage.
An advanced massage recliner made by Panasonic performs whole body massage. The EP 30004 comes equipped with specialized rollers for the back, neck and shoulders. For the lower body the Real Pro Ultra has an air compression system. The air compression system powers 22 airbags throughout the seat, leg rest and armrests. This system provides gentle or firm compression massage to soothe and relieve aching muscles.
If you are looking for ambience to help in your relaxation, then check out the Montage Premier. The Montage Premier has independent heat controls for the chair back, seat and footrest. Target where you need to apply heat to soothe and comfort. Slip on the headphones and synchronize the massage movements to the tempo of your favorite music. You need to relax your mind and the Omega Montage Premier Massage chair will provide the right environment.
Massage chairs advance with technology. They are integrating sophisticated software, hardware, mechanical systems, comfort and luxury. Technology is enabling finer and finer movements, therapies and precision to improve the effectiveness of the massage. Companies routinely study hand movements of master therapists and replicate it mechanically. Some massage recliners have mechanical thumbs to perform gripping massages which are great in the neck and shoulder areas. There will be a continuing stream of innovations improving these recliners rapidly.
Getting a whole body massage should be simple and easy. I am tired. I come home. I sit down and press a button. Ah, finally, relief from the stress of the day. Just a few minutes can work wonders. Do not worry, you can come back later and get a few more minutes. No need to make an appointment. This is the convenience of a massage chair. It is always available. It does not get tired and no appointment is necessary. Just of few minutes of your time is what is needed. Relief is just the push of a button away. It could change your attitude. It could change your life. That is up to you. It will at least make you feel great. Get a full body massage in the comfort and convenience of home with a massage chair recliner.

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