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Shiatsu massage originates in Japan and so does the massage chair. However, this technology has spread throughout the world and is no longer just a Japanese phenomenon. There are a handful of companies that make the best shiatsu massage chairs today. These companies have studied the techniques and have developed extraordinary technology to replicate these subtle techniques. We present the best shiatsu massage chairs on the market.
If you are looking at the best shiatsu massage chairs, then you are looking at an investment of $4,000 to $5,000. However, you need to view this as a long term health investment. These massage recliners perform full body massage therapy and have many features to help your health and relaxation. You can expect to be massaged from your head to your toes.
The shiatsu massage techniques use a variety of specialized hand movements to provide its therapeutic relief. Additionally, it makes use of the body’s natural trigger points based on acupuncture. Shiatsu stimulates these trigger points to help induce total body relaxation. Applying advanced technology and software programs has been the only successful way to realistically replicate these techniques and their corresponding benefits.
The best massage chair brands make the best shiatsu recliners. These are made by companies such as Panasonic, Sanyo and Omega. You will find many that claim to be shiatsu recliners, but the best technology has been developed by these firms. The other important aspect is warranty coverage, which you can be assured with these top companies. Here are some of the best shiatsu massage recliners being offered.
One excellent massage chair being offered by Sanyo is their HEC-DR7700. The DR7700 is the top of the line for Sanyo. It comes with a barrage of fabulous features and functions. One such feature is the GK roller mechanism that can literally “reach out and grab you”. This shiatsu technology allows for the massage mechanism to reach over the shoulders to perform a gripping massage. This is a very soothing and relieving massage incorporated into this shiatsu lounger.
The high end Montage Premier massage chair from Omega is a paragon of massage therapy and relaxation. This shiatsu massage chair identifies your acupressure points on your back and then focuses the massage on providing soothing, whole body relaxation. The Montage Premier comes with an arsenal of tools to help you with stress management and relaxation. You can also find an MP3 music player to take your mind off the day’s stressful events. There is a lower body traction system to stretch you out and elongate those tight leg muscles.
Panasonic has been a leader in shiatsu massage chairs and with their Real Pro Ultra series they continue this tradition. One of the best models from the Real Pro Ultra series is the EP-30004 shiatsu massage chair. This model has a unique shiatsu massage that performs ultra fine kneading. This is also called Junetsu in Japanese. This massage applies firm pressure while making a circle movement that penetrates deeply through the muscle tissue. This is a very effective massage and wonderful for taking knots out of your muscles.
These 3 massage chair companies have excellent shiatsu massage recliners. Panasonic, Sanyo and Omega are the top shiatsu massage chair brands available today. You can find almost every conceivable function has been masterfully integrated into this massage recliners. If you are looking at massage chairs, then you really owe it to yourself to check out these name brand massage chairs.

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